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We work with a number of partners ranging from ERP companies to industry associations and wholesale buying groups. All are experts in their respective B2B fields.

Our current partners
We have been working with Aptean, formerly known as Sanderson, since 2016 when we built a native app ordering app that integrated to their eCommerce module within Swords.
We have an integration between MMS Evo and giving STL customers access to our multi-channel eCommerce platform.
We are a supplier member of the FWD and work closely with them to ensure is designed perfectly to meet the retail and foodservice wholesalers’ needs.
We have partnered with Erudus to provide users with a market leading source of accurate allergy, nutritional and technical product data, populated by the food industry.
EDA/eData is a Solution Provider Affiliated Member of the Electrical Distributors’ Association and we have created the first ever integration with their eData product database.
Sugro Buying Group
The Sugro buying group is one of the largest buying groups in the UK with over 80 members. supports multiple Sugro members with eCommerce and marketing solutions.
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