Five new clients go live with digital ordering on -

Five new clients go live with digital ordering on

November has seen five clients go live on as the platform gains momentum in the marketplace. The clients that have launched this month are Crowndale, Epicurium, Frozen World, CaterKing and Weekes Bros all of which can now offer digital ordering to their customers via mobile, tablet and desktop.

Rob Mannion founder and CEO of said, “Digital ordering has seen a huge increase since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures wholesalers and distributors are able to keep up with demand for such services from their customers. It future-proofs their businesses and ensures orders can continue to flow throughout any future lockdowns in the most cost-effective way possible.

“Since its launch in March of this year has processed almost £4m in orders and is now processing over £1m per month and an increase of 64% in the last month alone. It just goes to show how critical this channel is now. Where once it was a ‘nice-to-have’ it’s now a ‘must-have’.” is fast and simple to set up and works as a subscription model with the basic entry level product completely free. This model has made it the perfect solution for wholesalers and distributors no matter what the size of their business. It allows them to not only take orders 24/7, but also communicate with their customers through advertising and messaging which can deliver an additional revenue stream from suppliers.

For more information about how could help future-proof your business please get in touch with the team here

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