How to get your customers using your app

If the Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it is the need for business to adapt quickly to unexpected events. It has also highlighted the importance of embracing digital, with online ordering booming in popularity as people try to avoid public places and businesses find ways to mitigate issues with staff illness. So, as more people turn to online ordering how do you ensure they’re using your app.

1. Tell people about it

It sounds obvious but many wholesalers rely on their customers finding out about the app rather than actively telling them about this. It goes without saying that you should be putting up posters in your depots, highlighting it in all promotional materials and getting your telesales people to talk about it, but we’ve found that one of the most effective ways of telling customers about an app is via email. They receive the email and can simply click a link taking them to your app.

2. Incentivise download

It’s a simple tactic but it really works. And there are different ways to incentivise customers so you can choose something that will work for your business. It could be that if they sign up to the app they get a free credit, free first delivery, or it could simply be that you offer exclusive deals. Any of these tactics can be really effective at capturing customers’ attention and pushing them to download the app.

3. Content really is king

Your product file drives the content on your app and so it’s worth spending the time creating one that is as rich as possible. The more data the app has to display and work with, the better the experience customers will have in the app, and the more likely they are to purchase. We can help you with this. And there are also a number of organisations that can help provide content such as Brandbank for enhanced imagery or Erudus who provide a much richer data set and vital nutritional and dietary information.

4. Run in-app promotions

We’ve had customers use these really successfully to drive up sign-up and subsequent usage. One client who ran such a campaign saw an increase in average basket value smash through the £2,000 barrier putting it way ahead of an industry average of just over £1,200. And their total app transaction value increased by a massive 123%. These campaigns tend to be a mix of messaging and in-app advertising and the really smart thing here is that you can get suppliers to contribute to these by featuring their brands and deals.

5. Maximise cross-sell opportunities

Apps offer the perfect vehicle for cross-selling products. With the b2b.store app, as customers are searching for products, you can also show them related products that they might not have thought to have bought in depot or over the phone. It also allows you to push NPD and special deals all which help drive up basket value.

What’s clear to us through our years of experience, is that you get back what you put in. If you actively encourage your customers to use the app and make the most of the opportunities the tech offers, then you will reap the rewards.

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