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App or website? How should you handle digital ordering?

Choosing how to handle digital ordering can be difficult. We explore some of the options.

B2B personalisation: how to personalise your digital B2B sales process

Personalisation boosts online sales and it’s no different when it comes to B2B personalisation. How can your ecommerce tailor a personal experience for your buyers?

BI for wholesalers: how to leverage BI effectively to improve your business

When the concept of BI first entered the popular arena, the issue was getting hold of data. Now, if anything, you probably have too much of it. We…

B2B eCommerce

B2C vs B2B ecommerce – what you need to know

For years now platforms that were originally developed to be B2C ecommerce solutions have been trying to offer B2B ecommerce on the side and, for years, it’s not…

The dummies guide to AI and machine learning in B2B wholesale

Read our ‘dummies guide’ to the basics of AI and machine learning in wholesale.

How to do B2B ecommerce like Amazon

Ecommerce like Amazon doesn’t require ‘spend like Amazon’. B2B wholesalers can create Amazon-like experiences for a fraction of the cost in record time.

B2B eCommerce

RNF re-brands to

RNF, the company behind and the people responsible for launching the first ordering app in the wholesale sector, is rebranding to and Confex partner to get Confex members online

Confex the wholesale buying group with 49 years of trading experience has joined up with to offer its members access to their eCommerce platform

How should B2B wholesalers get into online ecommerce?

Taking your B2B wholesale business online might seem complicated, but in actuality there are really only three options to choose from. replaces paper for first anniversary, the wholesale-specific eCommerce platform from RNF that works across mobile, desktop and tablet with zero set-up costs, has marked its first anniversary with the news that 50…

How to expand your business with international B2B eCommerce

There comes a time when every business realises that to accelerate their growth they need to look outside of their home territory at international B2B eCommerce. We look…

B2B eCommerce

Demystifying tech in wholesale – creating a ‘must have’ app

How can you demystify the technology involved in B2B eCommerce – for yourselves and your customers – to arrive at a place where you offer something as easy… is just the tonic for One Stop Pharmacy

Willenhall-based One Stop Pharmacy has joined forces with to launch an eCommerce platform that allows healthcare providers to order medicines and other pharmaceutical supplies online, any time.

Can digital engagement replace real relationships?

In a sector where personal services is highly regarded, wholesale industry expert David Gilroy looks at whether digital ordering is a sensible solution. launches new pricing plans is excited to announce the launch of a range of new pricing options for their B2B eCommerce platform.

B2B eCommerce joins forces with Comtec to to create international B2B eCommerce offer the B2B eCommerce platform for wholesalers and distributors has joined up with translation agency Comtec to develop a Spanish language version of the platform

Wholesaler Profile: Thomsons Foodservice

2020 has been one of the toughest years ever faced by the wholesale sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has put huge pressure on wholesalers across the country, with local…

Two Sugro Members go live on

Taylor Wholesale and Splendour Wholesale, both members of the Sugro buying group, have gone live on’s eCommerce platform.

How to run trade days in a pandemic and achieve results

The Covid-19 pandemic has all but ruled out trade events in the wholesale sector, eliminating an excellent source of sales and revenue generation. David Gilroy investigates whether it’s… partners with EDA to offer digital ordering has become a Solution Provider Affiliated Member of the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) and will be using its digital ordering platform to help electrical wholesalers and distributors…

B2B eCommerce

Five new clients go live with digital ordering on

November has seen five clients go live on as the platform gains momentum in the marketplace.

Wholesale IT giants partner to deliver digital future for sector has formed a strategic partnership with STL Technology Solutions, provider of advanced integrated operational solutions for the cash & carry and delivered wholesale sector. offers free premium services for foodservice wholesalers is offering premium features free for foodservice wholesalers for three months. The move came in response to the Government’s announcement that England would move into a second…

New Virtual Trade Event offering for has launched a Virtual Trade Event (VTE) offer for its wholesale customers. launches referral scheme is launching a referral scheme or its wholesale clients. For every new business that goes live, the referring client will get a premium feature free for one…

B2B eCommerce releases new important features has released three new features as part of its free eCommerce offer for wholesalers. The updates include individual customer pricing for every product, a promoted products feature…

How to get your customers using your app

If the Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it is the need for business to adapt quickly to unexpected events. It has also highlighted the importance of embracing…

B2B eCommerce

Why the “Amazon Effect” impacts B2B Customer Experience

With reports claiming that 73% of B2B buyers are now digital natives (those who have lived their whole lives with the Internet, computers and mobile devices) and an Accenture report stating that…

Get ready for the new normal: A guide to digital in wholesale

At the time of writing, we are in the seventh week of Covid-19 related lockdown in the UK. The impact on the wholesale sector to date has been… secures 30 new customers in just 8 weeks since launch the new freemium b2b ordering app solution designed specifically for wholesalers and distributors has signed 30 customers in just 8 weeks. The customers come from an array…

B2B eCommerce March Release is here!

The first ever release of is here!

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